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Smoky Cajun Dip

This simple dip will have your guest asking for the recipe.


  • One 16oz tub of Cream cheese.

  • 1 Tbsp of Sour cream or Mayo

  • 2-3 Tbsp of Voodoo MoJo seasoning/rub

  • 2-4 diced small mix sweet peppers ( to really spice it up add one small diced jalenpeno pepper)

  • 2 diced green onions

  • Optional (1/4 pound of cooked salad srimp or cooked crab meat or diced grilled chicken and spicy sausage)

  • Crackers and/or Veggies

Directions: Recipe makes up to (3) 8oz tubs of dip.

  • Mix Cream chesse, sour cream and seasoning into a medium size bowl.

  • Add diced peppers and your choice of protien (or not) - mix well.

  • Scoop into 3 smaller tubs or leave in bowl and let chill for 2-3 hours to setup.

  • Sprinkle more seasoning on top and add diced green onions.

  • Serve with crackers and/or veggies.

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