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Easy Jerky Oven Style


  • 2 pounds of top round 1/16" or 1/8" sliced to your liking

  • One cup of your favorite Oma & Popie’s Marinade/sauce

  • ¼ cup of soy sauce

  • 1 tablespoon of liquid smoke

  • Crushed red pepper flakes

  • Fresh cracked Black pepper

  • Paper towels


Step 1. Mix together your favorite Oma & Popie’s marinade, liquid smoke, soy sauce, crushed red pepper flakes and cracked black pepper. (to your liking)

Step 2. Place the thin slices of Top Round into the mixture to marinate either in a reclosable bag or marinating tub. Put in refrigerator overnight.

Step 3. Prep area with first by laying down a sheet of tinfoil or flat cookie sheet *(this will keep liquid from dripping onto counter space) then lay down 3-4 paper towels stacked, place pieces of top round on a stack of paper towels and continue to cover each layer. Make sure to really dry up the slices by pressing down as you stack. This helps get the moisture out of the meat.

Step 4. Preset oven to lowest setting. Place in 1 inch 8x10 pan with wire rack (this allows air flow and cook on both sides. Make sure slices are not overlapping

Step 5. Place in oven. It's a guess-and-check situation. It could take 4-6 hours depending on your oven, convection ovens will cook faster.

Step 6. Take out of oven and let jerky cool off for about an hour. Next take off any excess moisture that may be left behind with a paper towel. Nothing else left to do but enjoy!

* You can also do this in your smoker by leaving out the liquid smoke and smoking with your favorite wood chips.

* This recipe can be used with all other proteins, i.e. deer, elk, chicken and even fish.

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