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Oma & Popie's Spices Triumph at 2023 Spicy Flave Awards

The 2023 Spicy Flave Awards Announce Winners!

Sponsored by the International Flavor Awards!

Robert Grether International Flavor Awards

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Madison, WI: The 2023 “Spicy Flave Awards” organized by the International Flavor Awards, LLC recently concluded as over 300 products from 12 different countries (4 Continents) vied for honors in 51 categories. Competitive divisions included, but were not limited to, hot sauces, bbq sauces, jams, spice blends, salts, pickled veggies, drinks, salty snacks, salsas, oils, mustards, and rubs, plus the variety of sauce categories represent everything from ethnic sauce specialties to spicy delicacies. The Flave Awards (both Artisan & Spicy) work to provide small to medium sized businesses a platform by which to stand on and be judged against similar sized food companies from throughout the world. As an organization, the International Flavor Awards, LLC vows to act as an impartial judge and does so by implementing a blind-judging process and by incorporating, as judges, a variety of food professionals including restaurateurs, purveyors, manufacturers and members of the food-centric community. The International Flavor Awards will continue to collaborate with various sources of media including websites, social media providers, artisan and spicy foods advocates, as well as food-based organizations throughout the world. The Flave Awards strive to bring value to our food-based competitions and work to promote the outstanding products and companies that set themselves apart by being known as a “Flave Award Winner”!

Our acclaimed Voodoo Mojo Seasoning Blend clinched a remarkable 3rd place in the Mild to Medium Spice Blend category. Further, our dynamic offering, Hawt Mess, secured the coveted 1st place in the Mild to Medium Wing Sauce category. These products were evaluated based on various criteria, including appearance, aroma, texture, flavor, heat level, originality, and overall impression.

To see the list of winners, go to:

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