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Introducing our Five Pepper Spicy All-Natural Sea Salt Rim Shot, the ultimate companion to your favorite libations! Whether you're sipping a zesty Bloody Mary, a classic Margarita, or spicing up your Red Beers, this flavor-packed rim shot will kick your drink experience up a notch. Sprinkle it over the rim of your cocktail glass, and watch as your beverage transforms into a masterpiece. The first sip greets you with a burst of savory sea salt, followed by the fiery warmth of five exquisite peppers - a culinary crescendo that dances on your palate.

Lip Smackin' Rim Shot

  • GLUTEN FREE INGREDIENTS: Dried Peppers (Chipotle, Cayenne, Jalapeno, Red Pepper Flakes), Lemon Pepper (Black Pepper, Onion, Lemon Peel, Thyme, Coriander), Habanero Garlic Pepper (Black Pepper, Garlic, Habanero Pepper, Orange Zest, Onion, Marjoram) and  natural, unrefined and unprocessed Sea Salt.

    Net Weight 4 oz. ( 113g) 

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