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Q the Ramen Bowl

We know you likely did some grillin or smokin over this long Labor Day Weekend, if pork loin was on the menu, you're going to love this quick recipe to use up those leftovers. Popie recently smoked a pork loin using our food friend and fellow saucyprenauer Jesi Ray’s BBQ new Carolina Gold BBQ. The mustard and slight heat kick was perfect addition to a ramen bowl. Ingredients -Smoked pork loin -Mushrooms, celery, onions & carrots -Toasted sesame oil -O&P Asian Slaw Dressing -Ramen, pork flavor Directions Thinly slice the pork and veggies. Prepare ramen according to package directions. While ramen is cooking, use enough oil to cover the bottom of a saute pan. Saute veggies over medium heat, starting with carrots and cooking for about two minutes, add celery for about a minute before adding the onion and mushrooms cooking another minute. Remove the veggies. If needed, add more oil and turn up heat slightly, because getting a slight crispy edge on the pork is the goal. Once hot add pork and quickly heat through, stirring frequently. Remove from pan. Place prepared ramen in bowl and top with meat and veggies, pouring broth over the top. You'll see in the pic that we also added some leftover steamed broccoli to the bowl. But if I had on hand, I think fresh shredded cabbage and/or spinach would have been a great addition, using the broth pour over to wilt slightly. Final topper, a squeeze (or two) of our Asian Slaw Dressing. What's that you ask? It's a great way to maximize your bottle of Wingin' It or Hawt Mess. When you get low enough that what is left won't be enough to do your next grill adventure. Add about one-part toasted sesame oil and one-part soy sauce to about two-parts sauce. We always keep it on hand for quick throw togethers like this one.

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